Wednesday, June 5, 2013



My name is Zykeerah; I am the daughter of Fred Whitmore an American but based in UK and Libya. My father is a crude Oil business man and he has his oil block and oil services company in Libya.

He died last year in Libya during the Gadhaffi crises because he was there when the crises erupted but due to the UN no fly zone order, he was not able to fly out of Libya again and unfortunately, he was shot by the Gadhaffi forces because he is an American and he died a day after I spoke with him in the hospital.[tears!!!!]

I am 18 years of age and an undergraduate, raised by my father as a single parent so my father's untimely death has devastated me and I have suffered a lot of problems because I am not able to locate any one that relates to him. Please bear with me that I don't hear clearly but I seriously need help from you as the environment I am is not friendly again. My father's friends are now seeing me as a pest and are not welcoming me again, some ask for sex before they could help me.

Please I am seeking your consent to assist me especially in the area of moving me out of this place to a new environment where I will forget about this pains and continue my education because my father wanted me to be a medical doctor and I love it and before his death, he told me of the deposit he made on my name with a Bank Here in Uk for my up keep and education because he is not always in UK.

Because of my financial state, I wrote to the Bank two weeks ago for the release of the fund to me and they accepted the existence of the fund on my name but said they needed an adult who will stand for me as my guardian before they can release this fund to me to avoid risk according to them since I am still under age.

Now permit me to ask these few questions: -

1. Can you honestly help me and take me as your Daughter because as at now, I have no place I can call home?

2. Can I completely trust you with this money?


Please I beg you to help my situation, I shall furnish you with all the necessary information regarding this deposit for you to contact the Bank on my behalf telling them I have asked for the transfer of the fund to your name as my guardian.


Let me hear you as soon as you receive this message on my email address

Yours faithfully,